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This is a newsletter that goes out twice a week. The first will be every Monday and will focus on Big Ten women’s basketball. For now, that means previewing the teams, talking about the growth of the conference in the sport. Women’s basketball is on the rise as a whole, but especially in the Big Ten, where two of the most entertaining, highest-scoring teams lived last year in Iowa and Maryland, and neither of those two even made it the farthest in the NCAA tournament for the conference.

The other post will be on Thursday, and will be the true definition of random. It will likely often be about sports, but there is no qualifications for what this will entail. I have a fun thing where I can get insanely passionate about the smallest, dumbest thing, and this day feels like a good way to get my emotions into words.

The subscription is currently free, so if you want to learn more about why Caitlin Clark is such a force and why Indiana women’s basketball might dominate next season, just read Monday. If that isn’t your thing, but you would like to hear an unhinged man talk about, oh I don’t know, why the Cleveland Browns are a PROBLEM, just read Thursday.

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